CRM material co.,limited (CRM) manufacture and study many kinds of binary alloys, Ternary Alloys and Complex alloys.

CRM have many kinds of stove for smelting and cast alloys, include 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 50 kg and so on. Any quantity, so We can provide you with any quantity.


High-entropy alloys are alloys that are formed by mixing equal or relatively large proportions of five or more elements. Prior to the synthesis of these substances, typical metal alloys comprised one or two major components with smaller amounts of other elements. For example, additional elements can be added to iron to improve its properties, thereby creating an iron based alloy, but typically in fairly low proportions, such as the proportions of carbon, manganese, and the like in various steels. Hence, high entropy alloys are a novel class of materials. The term “high-entropy alloys” was coined because the entropy increase of mixing is substantially higher when there is a larger number of elements in the mix, and their proportions are more nearly equal.


Our Advandages

Alloy Quantity: min oder 10 gram, big order 10mt

Alloy Melting Temperature: From low temperature to high tremperature

Alloy Shapes: sheet, foil, rod, wire, tube, ingot, brock, granule, powder, machine parts by drawing

Alloys Experiences: Engineers with 30 years of smelting experience, smelting processes of More than 5000 alloys

Development Time:short period, abundant raw material inventory in store, rich experiences, lots equipments

Alloy Melting and Forms Equipments: Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces, Vacuum induced levitation melting furnaces, Vacuum Arc furnaces, Vacuum Sintering Furnaces,, Vacuum hot press furnaces, Vacuum Melting Casting, FZ, CZ ......

Alloy Precision Machining Equipments: Rolling equipment, Forging machine, EDM, Turning, Grinding, Planing , Milling, CNC...

Alloy Detection and Analysis Equipment: metallographic analysis, ICP, hardness test, ultrasonic detection, element analyzer


CRM only show some popular alloy, So if you have any special requirements.

Please contact us at once. CRM would be glad to review your requirements.


Binary Alloys

Aluminum Barium Alloy (AlBa) Dysprosium  Iron Alloy (DyFe)
Aluminum Bismuth Alloy (AlBi) Iron Boron Alloy (FeB)
Aluminum Boron Alloy (AlB) Iron Niobium Alloy (FeNb)
Aluminum Calcium Alloy (AlCa) Iron Titanium Alloy (FeTi)
Aluminum Cadmium Alloy (AlCd) Iron Vanadium Alloy (FeV )
Aluminum  Cesium Alloy (AlCs) Iron Zirconium Alloy  (FeZr)
Aluminum Chromium Alloy (AlCr) Lanthanum Nickel Alloy (LaNi )
Aluminum Cobalt Alloy (AlCo) Magnesium Lithium Alloy (MgLi)
Aluminum Copper Alloy (AlCu) Molybdenum Iron Alloy (MoFe)
Aluminum Molybdenum Alloy (AlMo) Molybdenum Titanium Alloy (MoTi)
Aluminum Iron Alloy (AlFe) Nickel Iron Alloy (NiFe)
Aluminum Indium Alloy (AlIn) Nickel Aluminum Alloy (NiAl)
Aluminum Lanthanum Alloy (AlLa) Nickel Boron Alloy (NiB)
Aluminum Lithium Alloy (AlLi) Nickel Calcium Alloy (NiCa)
Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (AlMg) Nickel Chromium Alloy (NiCr)
Aluminum Manganese Alloy (AlMn ) Nickel Lanthanum Alloy (NiLa)
Aluminum Molybdenum Alloy (AlMo) Nickel Niobium Alloy (NiNb)
Aluminum Nickel Alloy (AlNi ) Nickel Platinum (NiPt)
Aluminum Niobium Alloy (AlNb) Nickel Tantalum Alloy (NiTa)
Aluminum Silicon Alloy (AlSi) Nickel Titanium Alloy (NiTi)
Aluminum Scandium Alloy  (AlSc) Nickel Iron Alloy (NiFe)
Aluminum Tantalum Alloy (AlTa ) Nickel Magnesium Alloy (NiMg )
Aluminum Titanium Alloy (AlTi ) Nickel Manganese Alloy (NiMn)
Aluminum Vanadium Alloy (AlV) Nickel Molybdenum Alloy (NiMo)
Aluminum Zirconium Alloy (AlZr) Nickel Vanadium Alloy (NiV)
Bismuth Selenium Alloy (BiSe) Nickel Tungsten Alloy (NiW)
Bismuth Palladium  Alloy (PdBi) Nickel Zirconium Alloy (NiZr)
Bismuth Manganese Alloy (BiMn) Lead  Arsenic  Alloy (PbAs)
Calcium Nickel Alloy (CaNi) Lead  Calcium Alloy (PbCa)
Cerium Aluminium Alloy Lead  Copper Alloy (PbCu)
Cerium Aluminium Alloy Lead  Selenium Alloy (PbSe)
Cerium Copper Alloy Lead Tellurium Alloy (PbTe)
Chromium Boron Alloy (CrB) Praseodymium Iron Alloy (PrFe )
Chromium Silicon Alloy (CrSi) Praseodymium Neodymium Alloy (PrNd)
Cobalt Boron Alloy (CoB ) Samarium  Iron Alloy (SmFe)
Cobalt Molybdenum Alloy (CoMo) Silicon Titanium Alloy (SiTi )
Cobalt Vanadium Alloy (CoV) Silicon Manganese Alloy (SiMn)
Copper Aluminum Alloy (CuAl) Silver Copper Alloy (AgCu)
Copper Antimony Alloy (CuSb) Silver Tin Alloy (AgSn)
Copper Arsenic Alloy (CuAs) Silver Zinc Alloy (AgZn)
Copper Bismuth Alloy (CuBi ) Tellurium Manganese Alloy (TeMn)
Copper Boron Alloy (CuB) Tin Arsenic Alloy (SnAs)
Copper Cadmium Alloy (CuCd) Titanium  Aluminum Alloy (TiAl)
Copper Calcium Alloy (CuCa) Tungsten Iron Alloy (WFe)
Copper Chromium Alloy (CuCr) Yttrium  Aluminum  Alloy (YAl )
Copper Cobalt Alloy (CuCo) Yttrium Iron Alloy (YFe)
Copper Iron Alloy (CuFe) Yttrium Magnesium Alloy (YMg)
Copper Lanthanum Alloy (CuLa) Zirconium Aluminum Alloy (ZrAl)
Copper Lithium Alloy (CuLi) Zirconium Copper Alloy (ZrCu)
Copper Manganese Alloy (CuMn) Zirconium Nickel Alloy (ZrNi)
Copper Magnesium Alloy (CuMg) Zirconium Niobium Alloy (ZrNb)
Copper Nickel Alloy (CuNi) Zirconium Silicon Alloy (ZrSi)
Copper Phosphorus Alloy (CuP ) Zirconium Titanium (ZrTi)
Copper Silicon Alloy (CuSi) Zirconium  Yttrium Alloy  (ZrY)
Copper Tellurium Alloy (CuTe) Zinc Tin (ZnSn)
Copper Titanium Alloy (CuTi) Zinc Alluminum (ZnAl)
Copper Zirconium Alloy  (CuZr) Zinc Magnesium (ZnMg)


Ternary Alloys and Complex alloys

Aluminum Molybdenum Vanadium Alloy (AlMoV) Iron Silicon Manganese Aluminum  Alloy (FeSiMnAl)
Aluminum Molybdenum Titanium Zirconium Alloy (AlMoTiZr) Iron Titanium Aluminum Alloy (FeTiAl)
Aluminum Molybdenum Tin Titanium Zirconium Alloy (AlMoSnTiZr) Lead Arsenic Antimony Alloy (PbAsSb)
Aluminum Magnesium Boron Alloy (AlMgB) Nickel Calcium Magnesium Alloy (NiCaMg)
Aluminum Magnesium Calcium Alloy(AlMgCa) Nickel Magnesium Cerium Alloy (NiMgCe)
Aluminum Magnesium Silicon Alloy (AlMgSi) Nickel Magnesium Iron Alloy (NiMgFe)
Aluminum Niobium Titanium Alloy (AlNbTi) Nickel Magnesium Silicon Iron Alloy (NiMgSiFe)
Aluminum Niobium Silicon Alloy (AlNbSi) Nickel Magnesium Iron Cerium Alloy (NiMgFeCe)
Aluminum Tin Titanium Vanadium Alloy (AlSnTiV) Nickel Magnesium Iron Silicon Cerium Alloy (NiMgFeSiCe)
Aluminum  Tin Titanium Alloy (AlSnTi ) Phosphorus Copper Silver Alloy (P Ag-Cu)
Aluminum Titanium Boron Alloy (AlTiB) Silver Tin Indium Alloy (AgSnIn)
Aluminum Titanium Carbon Alloy (AlTiC ) Terbium Dysprosium Iron Alloy (TbDyFe)
Aluminum Tungsten Titanium Alloy (AlWTi) /
Cobalt Chromium Tungsten Alloy (CoCrW) /
Copper Iron Aluminum Alloy (CuFeAl ) /
Iron Silicon Zirconium Alloy (FeSiZr) /


High Entropy Alloys (HEAs)




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