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CRM material co.,limited offer a full series inorganic material product, include metal, compounds, alloy and intermetallics. CRM not only offer raw material, but also offer many type product from raw material, including sputtering target, evaporation material, powder, wire, plate, tube, rod, pellet, sheet, foil, trip, ingot, granule, crystal and so on.

You only need to know the sign of material, click any one element sign. Then you could find the products you are looking for. We prepared enough information for you. ( But in searching page, you cann't find the advanced materials, You need find it in our advanced materials page)

1 H He
2 Li Be B



O F Ne
3 Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar
4 K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr
5 Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe
6 Cs Ba * Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au Hg Tl Pb Bi Po At Rn
7 Fr Ra ** Rf Db Sg Bh Hs Mt Uun Uuu Uub


* La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu
** Ac Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr



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