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CRM team was consist of a group of innovative engineers. Using their many years of experience in different fields, our engineers customize materials to your specifications and requirements.

CRM create state-of-the-art solutions for cutomer needs and tailor-made designs. CRM offer a wide range of pure and highpure alloy, ceramic, semiconductor material and so on, as well as various and abundant technology such as melting, refining, zone melting, orientated solidafication, vacuum melt casting, atmosphere smelt casting, suspension casting melting, fluoride synthesis, complex compound synthesis, synthesis of high melting point material, liquid-phase synthesis, gas-phase synthesis, solid-phase synthesis, liquid-gas phase synthesis, gas-solid phase synthesis, and liquid-solid phase synthesis.

With the above advanced technology, specialized machines and experienced material expert, CRM can offer you the best service. We will exhaust all effort to supply the perfect product.

Our servers:

1. Reduction, purification, Casting and processing of rare earth metals;

2. Purification, melting, casting, cold and hot processing, mechanical processing of single metals;

3. Melting, casting, cold and hot processing, mechanical processing of alloys;

4. Molding, cold and hot processing, mechanical processing of superalloy alloys;

5. Melting, casting, cold and hot processing, mechanical processing of high purity materials;

6. Cutting and precision machining of all kinds of materials;

7. The synthesis of semiconductors, sulfides, selenides, tellurides, phosphides, arsenides, antimony compounds;

8. Synthesis of various high purity oxides, fluorides, nitrides, silicides, carbides and borides;

9. Synthesis of various salts, titanates, zirconates, aluminates, silicates, cobaltates, ferates;

10. Molding and precision processing of special ceramics, compound semiconductors and salts;

11. Synthesis, molding and precision machining of special functional materials;

12. Principal component analysis and microelement analysis of materials;

13. X-ray diffraction (XRD) phase analysis;

14. Metallographic analysis;

15. Hardness analysis of materials;

16. Electrical conductivity analysis of materials;




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