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Tungsten (W) Metal

Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element with the chemical symbol W and atomic number 74.

A steel-gray metal under standard conditions when uncombined, tungsten is found naturally on Earth only combined in chemical compounds. Its important ores include wolframite and scheelite. The free element is remarkable for its robust physical properties, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements after carbon. Also remarkable is its very high density of 19.3 times that of water. This density is slightly more than that of uranium and 71% more than that of lead.Tungsten with minor amounts of impurities is often brittle and hard, making it difficult to work. However, very pure tungsten is more ductile, and can be cut with a hacksaw.

The unalloyed elemental form is used mainly in electrical applications. Tungsten's many alloys have numerous applications, most notably in incandescent light bulb filaments, X-ray tubes (as both the filament and target), and superalloys. Tungsten's hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles. Tungsten compounds are most often used industrially as catalysts.

Tungsten is the only metal from the third transition series that is known to occur in biomolecules, and is the heaviest element known to be used by living organisms.

Basic Information

Name: Tungsten
Symbol: W
Atomic Number: 74
Atomic Mass: 183.84 amu
Melting Point: 3410.0 °C (3683.15 °K, 6170.0 °F)
Boiling Point: 5660.0 °C (5933.15 °K, 10220.0 °F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 74
Number of Neutrons: 110
Classification: Transition Metal
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 19.3 g/cm3
Color: Silver

Tungsten (W) Sputtering targets (W Target)

Purity--- 99.95%, 99.999%, 99.9999%

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Tube, Custom-Made

Discs:  Diameter--- Dia (≤350mm), Thickness---(≥1mm)

Rectangle: Length---(≤2500mm), Width---(≤750mm), Thickness---(≥1mm)

Application --- contacts, hard adherent films, Ultrapure tungsten( 5N or 6 N),due to their high resistance, high temperature stability to the electron transfer as well as its ability of forming the stable silicide, thus in the electronic industry, most of them are used as gate,connection and obstruction? materials in the form of sputtering thin films.

Tungsten  (W) Evaporation Material

Purity--- 99.95%,

Shape---  Irregular pieces, pellet, flakes. Dimension---3-8mm   irregular pieces

Ultra high purity Tungsten Powder (W Powder)

Purity --- 99.999%,  99.9999%

Shape --- 300mesh

Application --- Most of them be used to produced sputtering targets.

Tungsten (W) Filament

Purity --- 99.95%, 

Diameter --- >0.55mm

Application---Applied for making mirrors, aluminizing kinescope, component resistance electronic vacuum devices, plastics and heater elements for decoration articles

Tungsten (W)  Rod

Purity--- 99.95%,

Diameter--- 2~100mm, Length---Custom-made

Tungsten  (W) Wire 

Purity--- 99.95%,  Diameter --- 0.01~2mm 

Application--- making incandescent lamp, coiled-coil or trispiral CFL filament, feast lamp and support,  halogen lamp and coiled-coil incandescent lamp,  making shock-resistance filament and halogen filament.

Tungsten  (W) Tube 

Purity --- 99.95%,  Diameter ---  

Tungsten (W) Crucible

Purity --- 99.95%,  Diameter --- 130~460mm

Tungsten Powder (W Powder)

Purity --- 99.95%, 

Shape --- 300mesh

Application---Thermal spraying coating material...

Tungsten Special Products

Manufacture as Drawing

Reration Products

Ultra high pure Tungsten powder

Ultra high pure tungsten sputtering target

Ultra high pure tungsten silicon sputtering target - WSi2

Tungsten Boride Sputtering tarets - WB2;

Cadnium Telluride sputtering target

Cadnium Sulfide sputtering target




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